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Building Backlinks The Right Way Is The Key To SEO

Keywords are important to chicago seo company, because they are used to organize all the data on the Internet to find the most relevant website for the topic being searched. But since there are so many websites out there with the same or similar content, all using the same or similar keywords, the search engines have to use other methods to sort out the sites. One such way is by evaluating the number and quality of backlinks going to a website. The more quality backlinks a site has coming to it, the more popular and relevant the website seems to be in the eyes of Google.

Most Webmasters are looking to raise their Page Rank when seeking out backlinks. Page Rank is how Google ranks the popularity of a website. A website with a Page Rank of 2 is not as popular as a website with a PageRank of 7. The highest rating is a Page Rank of 10. But how do Webmasters get backlinks to raise their Page Rank? It is not easy, and it takes time. A website has to earn the backlinks. There was a time when Webmasters could buy backlinks, but when Google caught on to that trick and others, it changed the math and science used to rank websites.

Earning backlinks can be done in a handful of ways. The first and most important way is to create good, quality content that other webmasters will want their readers to refer to when writing an article or blog post. If a website has an article about how to organize a child’s bedroom, and another website is writing a similar article, that Webmaster may use the original website as a reference, creating a backlink.

Another way to get backlinks is to create content that is shareable. Put high quality images or video on the website that other Webmasters will want to share on their website. Use titles that explain the content of your article, and make them easy to read and sound interesting or fun. Those are the articles that get Webmasters to make backlinks, mainly because they feel the information, image, or video is relevant to their content, and will add value to their article or blog post.

Share articles, blog posts, images, or videos on Web 2.0 profiles, such as LinkedIn. People read these articles, and then share them with their friends, creating backlinks to the website. Also, mingle on forums or comment on blogs. Make friends with other Webmasters, so they will want to link back to the website.

Most people look for an easy way to get a lot of backlinks, but if a Webmaster truly wants to improve the SEO of the website, he or she will have to earn them the right way. That is the only sure way of getting and keeping a higher Page Rank.